Stillwater Massage & Bodywork

Embracing the Art & Science of Manual Therapy


Stillwater Massage and Bodywork is about the whole person; body, mind, and spirit working in harmony with vitality and grace.

I approach Massage Therapy and Bodywork both as a science and an art. The more I study the more fascinated I am by our body's elegant and complex design, and amazed at how hard our body will work to stay healthy despite how poorly we treat them! There is beauty and intelligence in our structure and how our structure functions.

Every client is a unique individual and deserves my full attention and respect. I listen carefully with my ears, eyes, and hands. A good Massage Therapy session is a conversation between client and therapist (spoken and silent), and between body and mind.

Life is precious. To realize the gift of life is to live it with great care and attention. Helping you to relieve stress (physical, mental, and emotional), you can enjoy more of this precious life.

Be well and at ease, Amy Pearson LMT